Endeavor Center
For Youth and Community Development


What is the Endeavor Center?

The Endeavor Center for Youth and Community Development is a nonprofit, 501(c)3, faith-based organization that exists to provide young people within the surrounding communities of Edmore, Michigan, with a safe space and place to discover their identity, develop their gifts and abilities, and deploy their talents and passions. Our desire is for every young person to reach their God-given potential, know their value, and become strong leaders within their generation to transform their world.


The Endeavor Center was founded in 2013 when they began leasing their facility from Montabella Community Schools. In 2015, they purchased the building and began expanding their programs to offer more opportunities for children and youth.


One of the goals of the Endeavor Center is to prove that even economically challenged communities can have first class facilities and programs for its young people. Our programs are primarily funded through the generosity and support of local families and businesses; however, when possible, we do take advantage of the kindness of grants and foundations who also share our mission and offer financial assistance. As a nonprofit organization, the financial records of the Endeavor Center are available upon request.


We believe the God's design for humankind works best, so the Endeavor Center is grounded on Biblical and Christ-centered principles; nonetheless, we do not discriminate against any religion, ethnicity, or gender. People of faith and those who claim no faith are welcome to participate in all of our programs and activities. While the Endeavor Center is a Christian organization, we are not affiliated with any church or denomination and strive to be a facility that all congregations or organizations can benefit from.


The Endeavor Center is an initiative of a parent organization, Endeavor Ministries, which has been in existence since 1881. Originally founded in Portland, Maine, as Christian Endeavor International, Endeavor Ministries is a Christian youth organization that serves young people throughout the USA and in dozens of others nations around the world. Endeavor Ministries is governed by a diverse Board of Directors while operational leadership is the responsibility its President and CEO, Timothy Eldred, who has been a resident of the Montabella community since 1993 and also serves as the pastor of New Beginnings Church in Six Lakes, Michigan.